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How to choose a bike that works for you

Choosing a bicycle as a beginner can be an arduous task. "Do I need this, do I need that" etc. If you're brand new to cycling, there are several bike types that are designed for different purposes. Again, another factor that makes it just that bit harder to choose a...

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Why cycling is good for you and your health

I had never committed to any exercise before I started cycling and after that I just couldn't stop. I love it. It's opened so many opportunities up and my body is eternally grateful. In the first part of the Beginner Cycling Course, I'm going to take you through two...

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Guide to the 2017 Tour of Britain in Newport

The final stage (Stage 8) of the 2017 OVO Energy Tour of Britain will finish in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. This is excellent news for Welsh cycling fans, as it will not only highlight the untold beauty to be found in South Wales, but also provide some challenging...

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What are Adventure and Trail Dogs?

Trail Dogs are a growing phenomenon in the the cycling community, but what are they? It may seem blindingly obvious, but if you’re a roadie like us then you may not be familiar with the concept. However, if you’re a mountain biker who regularly visits trails, you may...

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Complete guide to visually impaired cycling

So, What exactly is visually impaired cycling? For people with a visual impairment or who are blind, cycling is an opportunity to continue exercising in an extremely fun environment. By using a tandem (a two person bicycle), a front rider known as the pilot can take...

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Guide to the 2017 Tour of Britain in Cheltenham

The 2017 OVO Energy Tour of Britain brings some very exciting news for us here at Cyced. Stage 7 will be finishing its grueling 186km ride in the regency town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  Cheltenham was not only where Cyced was conceived, but also where I...

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The Ultimate Bristol Cycling Guide

We're going to give you a run down of Bristol Cycling and provide you all the information you need to get going. Bristol is a vibrant city of culture so it won't surprise you to know there are some fantastic Bristol cycling clubs and bike shops and more! Another...

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Gloucestershire Cycling Hub

Cyced covers Gloucestershire and Cheltenham cycling routes as well as more information about the cycling clubs in the area and other must know details. The county is host to part of the Cotswolds and has a good selection of gruelling hills to climb. Its scenery and atmosphere is a cycling haven for all that know about it.

Newport Cycling Hub

Discover why Newport is a brilliant place for road cycling. The Newport cycling hub provides information for the best bike shops and cycling clubs in the county, as well as the greatest cycling routes.


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Local Cycling Routes

Cyced’s local cycling routes have been crafted by cyclists who know the area. Understanding each road and route enables us to deliver premium and enjoyable rides for you to experience. At the core of our creation, we look to take you past breathtaking views as well as making sure you get a fun and worthwhile experience. All of our local cycling routes are split into 3 difficulties, with easy being suitable for those that are already confident cycling on roads.

All our routes are available to use on Strava and to download via .GPX.

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