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2019 Cyced Update

Cyced has come a long way from where it began at the beginning of 2016. With continued support from our early days in Gloucestershire, we’ve not only expanded our local cycling hubs and blogs, but joined in celebrating the achievements of everyday athletes.

I never anticipated or envisioned getting to here with Cyced’s personalised Strava artwork, having started writing the blog in my final year of University as a way to express my passion. But, to now be a small part of over 30 everyday athletes’ achievements is pretty damn rewarding.

From John O’Groats to Land’s End, to completing RideLondon – Surrey 100, we’re eternally grateful for allowing us to be part of your accomplishments.

New for 2019

I’m excited to share with you a complete overhaul of our look and feel as we take on a fresh focus that celebrates everyday athlete’s achieving great things – rides and runs that are worth more than just a kudos. 

Below is a list of all the new things Evan and I (the team of two that design, create and come up with everything you see) have been working on for release today:

  • A brand new design for Cyced – which took us a lot of long late nights
  • Introduction of Strava personalised running maps
  • Introduction of marathon and sportive pre-created maps – we’ll be adding more and more over the coming months and are open to suggestions
  • The Strava Club – please join us as we’d love to see all your rides and runs
  • Start of our accessories line – t-shirts and lots more to come
  • Worldwide shipping


What’s next?

There are a lot of ideas that we want to pursue but as a team of two there’s only so much we can do right now.

Over the next 12 months, our aims are to:

  • Design and print over 200 rides and runs that are worth more than just a kudos
  • Inspire others with stories and interviews of those training for, and accomplishing, their goals
  • Launch the Cyced podcast that builds on the blog
  • Explore ways in which we can bring Cyced video to life

It’s going to be an exciting year.


Cyced is a team of two passionate cyclists and all of the blogs, design ideas through to actually building the website etc are simply us working nights and weekends. We love every single second of hearing from you and seeing your adventures.

If you want to share your story on our blog or through our to-be podcast, please get in touch. Alternatively if you’re keen to work together, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch here.


Angus founded Cyced in 2016 and can be found at his local Parkrun in Manchester every Saturday. He also has a thing for data (as weird as it sounds) and loves visualising it through maps!

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