We’re going to give you a run down of Bristol Cycling and provide you all the information you need to get going. Bristol is a vibrant city of culture so it won’t surprise you to know there are some fantastic Bristol cycling clubs and bike shops and more! Another aspect that makes Bristol a cycling city, is the campaigning and passion from the locals. Millions of trips are made each year on the bike in the city yet the majority still feel there’s a risk and lots is being done to curb this. We’ll make sure to share with you all the information you need to start helping with that too. But to start with, let’s talk about Bristol cycling clubs.

Bristol Cycling Clubs

There are multiple Bristol cycling clubs for roadies, each to their own. Below is a list of the most notable clubs for you to look over and find your perfect match.

North Bristol CC

More for the experienced road cyclist, North Bristol Cycling Club ask for high milage and a good pace. For their steady Sunday rides, you can get away with a 13-15mph average speed and 30 miles travelling; which isn’t too difficult if you go on your road bike regularly. Their forum is also a great way to chat with other Bristol cyclists and ask any questions you might have.

Bristol South CC

Bristol South Cycling Club appear very active and have lots on. They have a calendar for all their upcoming rides meaning you’ll be able to plan well in advance. Membership won’t set you back anymore than £10, and you will have the opportunity to attend their monthly socials. This Bristol cycling club has a lot going for them and appropriate if you are a road lover.

Props Cycling Club

If you are after an inclusive Bristol cycling club, then look no further than Props. Now in its third year, Props CC welcome any age and abilities riders and have a host of rides and events to match your needs and cycling desires. They even go outside of the UK on their cycling tours, and have regular socials to mix with other Bristol cyclists.

Uni of Bristol CC

Having first started cycling at University of Gloucestershire CC, we have a bit of a soft spot for University cycling clubs. If you’re a student at the Uni of Bristol, and love to pedal, then make sure you get involved with Uni of Bristol CC. It’s the best way to find young like minded cyclists in Bristol, and can really inspire you to do more.

Bristol Bike Shops

Here at Cyced we like to show you the best bike shops in your local area, and Bristol is no different. As firm believers of Independent is best, the below Bristol bike shops represent those you should love and support.

Bristol Bike Project

These guys repair and relocate old bikes. They support disadvantaged people within Bristol and help provide a sustainable travel resource for those that perhaps can’t afford expensive public transport. They also sell bikes to the public for low prices. These are ones that have been donated and spruced up in their workshop. The Bristol Bike Project is worth a visit, and you can even attend maintenance workshops to up skill yourself.

Mud Dock Bristol

Mud Dock Bristol provide a ton of cycling equipment from bikes to accessories and clothing. This Bristol bike shop also has a cafe so you can refuel and talk bike. A perfect combination if you ask us! If you’re more of a commuter than a sportive type of rider, they also stock Brompton Bikes and accessories. Take a look at their website and online shop to get more of a sense of their cycle offering.

Bristol Bike Shack

Located on Oxford Street near the Temple Meads train station, Bristol Bike Shack have an extensive range of cycle offerings. Alongside the products on sale is a rental service for bikes. If you’re visiting Bristol and need a bike, then head to this Bristol bike shop. It’s only £15 for a day and you get a helmet and repair tools as well. More about the bike brands and servicing packages over on their website.

Bristol Cycling Campaigning

As mentioned earlier in this post, there is a lot of cycling campaigning on going in Bristol, pushing for better infrastructure and risk reducing environments. At the forefront of Bristol Cycling change is Bristolcycling.org.uk. We really want to encourage you to voice your opinions and get involved with the campaigning to make Bristol a safer cycling city.

bristol cycling campaign

There are lots of ways to get involved. From attending public forums to voice your opinion, to simply sharing information and their latest campaigns on your social media pages. Help create a better future for Bristol Cycling.

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