Gloucestershire Cycling Routes

Over a 9 week series of newsletters, Cyced created lots of fantastic Gloucestershire cycling routes. These covered the whole country, including Cheltenham, Stroud, and Gloucester. It’s exciting to gather all these custom made cycling route into one single webpage, for your cycling pleasure.

Our cycling difficulty standards for these Gloucestershire cycling routes have been created based on a rider having had experience on the road, and a rider who feels confident when cycling amongst other vehicles. We have carefully benchmarked these cycling routes against 3 criteria which can be seen below:

easy cyced cycling route



  • Comfortable riding a road bike
  • Ability to cycle in a traffic environment
  • Can cycle up to and around 20 miles
  • Able to cycle up gradients, no matter how slow


Medium difficulty cycling route



  • Have relatively good physical fitness
  • Able to feed and hydrate on a ride well
  • Can cycle up to and around 30-50 miles
  • Able to manager longer cycling climbs


hard difficulty cycling route



  • Lots of cycling experience
  • Understand physical and mental demand
  • Can cycle up to and around 75 miles+
  • Climbing? No trouble


Disclaimer: These cycling routes have been designed for riders who are comfortable cycling on the road and have experienced sharing the road with other vehicles competently. Do not attempt these as a complete beginner without the assistance of an experienced cyclist. 

Easy Routes

Easy Gloucestershire cycling routes are a great way to go for a short ride and experience different parts of our amazing county. Some of them are great for those days you don’t have much time to cycle, whilst others will have your legs screaming.

Medium Routes

These routes are great for amateur riders during the weekend break. Try and incorporate them into your Gloucestersihre and Cheltenham cycling club‘s casual ride, or go out and rack up some miles for a longer training day.

Hard Routes

You best be prepared because these Gloucestershire routes are reserved for the hardcore roadies. Make sure you stock up on food and liquid and plan your stops as it’s about to get intense.

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