Gloucestershire Cycling

Gloucestershire is perfect for road cycling. With a lot of hills to choose from and many great Cheltenham and Gloucestershire cycling routes available. There are social cycling clubs such as Cheltenham and County CC who provide rides for cyclists of most abilities.

Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Cycling Clubs

Gloucestershire Cycling Clubs

No matter where in Gloucestershire you live, there are local cycling clubs that give you the chance to meet new like minded cyclists. Most of these have different level rides depending on your ability, and will warmly welcome you through a free introductory ride.


bike shops in cheltenham

Cheltenham Bike Shops

Take a look at the cycling shops in Cheltenham. Some of the independent places have extremely helpful staff who know cycling back to front and sell a variety of bikes and the cycling accessories you’ll need. Our list comprises of the greatest in the area and will give you all the details you need.


Gloucestershire Cycling Routes

Cyced has handcrafted nearly 20 cycling routes in Gloucestershire. These are split up into difficulties and cover areas including Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud. Our aim is to produce quality routes that you’ll ride time and time again, taking advantage of our counties beautiful countryside landscape. You can view them all on Strava or download the .GPX.

Gloucestershire cycling routes

From the blog

Gloucestershire is home to many hills that will strengthen your lungs and punish your legs. Cyced’s hardest Gloucestershire hills blog is continuously being updated to point you in the right direction for a real struggle. With the likes of Cleeve Hill in Cheltenham, that is the highest hill in the county, you’ll be making sure you fuel up plenty before your ride. The views are stunning at the top which makes these cycling hills all the worthwhile.

8 hard cycling hills in Gloucestershire

Safety is something we take very seriously at Cyced. Gloucestershire has an amazing Road Safety organisation that provide information for all road users about safe travels and the law. They’ve written a cycling specific safety guide for Cyced so you are away of best practice and the best way to approach difficult situations. Have a read and discover how to be a safer cyclist in Gloucestershire.

how to be safer when cycling

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