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8 Hard Cycling Hills in Gloucestershire

The Cotswolds and hills go hand in hand, therefore it’s only right that Cyced dedicates an article to some of the toughest inclines in the area. Many of the hills on this list are around the Cheltenham area and are children of Cleeve Hill, the largest in the county....

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Cycling Shops in Gloucester

Similar to our Cheltenham Bike Shops post we did a few months ago, Cyced has put together a list of all the great places to go and buy a bike in Gloucester. No matter what kind of cycling shop in Gloucester you are looking for, it will be covered below. This includes...

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Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz Cycling Route

Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz Cycling Route   The Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz is merely a warmup to veteran cyclists but a great introduction to novice riders who are looking to push themselves a little bit. There is a nice amount of hills and the ride itself comes...

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Cheltenham and Winchcombe Arch Cycling Route

Cheltenham Winchcombe Arch Cycling Route   This 35 mile Cheltenham cycling route has some nice climb to it. At 2000 feet, you can expect two cardio intensive gradual climbs, one of which is the classic Cleeve Hill reverse, coming from the picturesque Cotswold...

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Bike Shops in Cheltenham

There are numerous places to go if you are looking for bike shops in Cheltenham. Be it to buy a new bike, get a new cycling jersey, or if you’re like me, just stare at the stuff you wish you could afford. Cyced has put together this list to help you identify the...

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The Guide to Cheltenham & Gloucestershire Cycling Clubs

One of the best things about cycling is riding with others, and joining a club is a great way to do that. Gloucestershire is lucky enough to be a county with a large number of cycling clubs, and great quality ones too.  So we’ve decided to dedicate an article to...

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