You want to look good on the bike – I mean that’s why you bought a nice bike right?

Cycling clothing and gear has now become affordable and trendy so no matter if your budget as a beginner cyclist is small or massive, you’ll be turning heads.

In this part of the beginner cycling course, I’ll be providing you with lots of brilliant cycle clothing and gear suggestions across three budget ranges.

Disclaimer: As a man writing this post, most products will be unisex or male. All brands I speak of sell women’s clothing equivalents. I am also using affiliate links and receive a small commission for any sales – this has not effected my recommendations and only serves to help maintain the costs of running this website.

beginner cycle clothing

Beginner cycle clothing

Helmets: Not only crucial for your safety, a helmet can have a bit of style and also vary in ventilation. I’ve had some very hot cheap helmets and you’re best to avoid these from the off. Find a few of my favourites below including the current helmet I use.

Jerseys: These come in both long sleeve and short sleeve. I’m going to throw you over some cool designs I love, and know you will too as a beginner cyclist. Take away the brands and see their other cycle jersey designs because a lot of it comes down to personal preference here. Just know that the brands below fall into different budget categories and are all great quality.

rapha light weight jersey

Shorts:  Cycling shorts are a piece of gear you want to get right. They come with padding to make riding comfortable – a sure must if you plan on doing anything over 10 miles. You can get shorts as standalone, or as a bib shorts which are held up by straps that go up to your shoulders. I only recently went to bib shorts and have never looked back.

Shoes: My beginner cycling shoes were trainers and then I moved to some Shimano cleats. If you’re new and want to practice your bike riding first, then stick to trainers in general. But if you want to clip in, then see my suggestions below. Never clipped in before? Brace yourself for some heart stopping moments as you get to grips. It’s not that hard though; seriously.

Winter clothing

When winter approaches, you are going to want to get some winter beginner cycling gear and clothing. Trust me, you won’t even want to ride 5 minutes in the UK without this stuff. Cycling makes everything feel so much colder! A good thing in the hot conditions though.

Jacket: Getting a jacket is something worth investing in. They’re a little pricey and of course you may not need one until winter comes. There’s a few good jackets I can recommend including the wind jacket I wear myself. May also be worth wearing a winter jersey underneath.

Winter tights (to stay warm!): Shorts will only last you so long. Try a good pair of winter tights to get you through the season. I invested in a pair of Rapha and whilst I got a too small size, they do keep me warm.

Gloves: Never go out in the cold without gloves. It’s a bitter, miserable experience and I’ll never make the mistake again. There are various types of gloves, but as a beginner it’s probably worth getting some all-rounders.

Buff: Versatile and brilliant. As a beginner cyclist, this cloth is essential! Keeps the ears, head and face warm.

Beginner cycling gear

Lights: It’s good to have a red light on the back of your bike even in the summer for when the weather turns. For winter and darker days it’s essential you have a strong front light in order to see where you’re heading and alert on-coming traffic of your whereabouts.

Puncture repairs:  Pretty self explanatory when it comes to beginner cycling gear. Having peace of mind knowing you have what is required to fix a puncture means you won’t get into tough spots. Although you’ll need to know how to fix a puncture first off.

Water bottle and cage: A water bottle is somewhat personal I always feel. They all dispense water after all! My ultimate choice for a beginner cycling water bottle is the podium range from Camelbak. They have a unique mechanism and in my opinion look pretty good on the bike. See what you think.


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