I had never committed to any exercise before I started cycling and after that I just couldn’t stop. Their are many benefits including weight loss and better state of mind.

I love it.

It’s opened so many opportunities up and my body is eternally grateful.

In this part of the Beginner Cycling Course, I’m going to take you through two things:

  1. Why cycling is amazing and good for your health
  2. How it will transform your life 

Step one no doubt sounds familiar, but step two may have you thinking differently about cycling as a beginner. I’ll go into detail on both parts and get you pumped to begin your journey.

Trust me,

you won’t need any more persuading after you’ve finished reading this chapter!

The many health benefits to cycling and how it can help weight loss

There are a lot of reasons you should cycle, but your health should be top priority (there’s lots of good health tips and tricks on top of cycling you can check). My health meteorically increased when I started cycling. No more getting out of breath by simply walking up the stairs and no more feeling guilty about eating cake.

Here are some of the core cycling health benefits you’ll gain by starting out:

  • Keeping slim comes pretty quickly with cycling. You can burn a lot of calories fast and without exerting yourself too hard making it a huge help when trying to lose weight. For instance Strava recorded 750 burnt calories from a little over 2 hours of riding.


  • Cycling has been said to reduce not only obesity but alleviate high blood pressure. Causes of high blood pressure can include heavy alcohol consumption and too much salt.


  • Another health benefit is combatting depression and mental health – promoting more positive thoughts. Not only is the exercise good for state of mind, the social connections you’ll get from the world’s best sports community will be worth it. You can find cycling forums on our brands feature post.


  • You’ll get strong legs. I wouldn’t worry about becoming leg heavy when it comes to muscle, but if you find yourself doing an insane amount of cycling, perhaps incorporate some upper body workouts too.


  • Not just a benefit to weight loss, cycling is good for you and your joints too. Unlike hard impact exercise like running, cycling is better on your bones meaning by the time you get to 100, you may still be pedalling.


health benefits of cycling

Other reasons why cycling is good for you

It’s not just your health that cycling is good for. Turning those pedals will improve your everyday.

It may not be so obvious but these next set of points have been a cycling benefit to me when I first started out.

I am certain they will be for you too.


The community is close knit and unbiased to age. It’s one I’ve been part of for a while now and every cyclist I bump into shares the same enthusiasm and passion.

I began in a Gloucestershire cycling club where I met many young cyclists who all enjoyed cycling’s benefits. From getting lost in the cotswolds through to struggling up small climbs; I had a blast when I was a beginner cyclist.

No doubt the cycling community is active near you. If you join social rides, local cycling clubs, attend sportives, or just hang around your local independent bike shop, you’ll meet some amazing cycling folk.

Get stuck in and experience the social benefits of being a beginner cyclist.

Independence and cost-saving

Are you a city worker, or perhaps you’re commuting to college or university? Either way, if you use public transport or drive a car you should think about swapping it for a bike ride.

Not only will you double down on health benefits of cycling your bank balance will be better off too.

Want to know my weekly commute petrol costs?

It costs me £15 a week to get A to B and I only get in 10 minutes quicker. That’s why I switched to the bike although I do occasionally drive if the weather is bad. So cycling is good for you and your wallet!

It’s finding the balance – nobody is expecting you to go full bike! Small and steady steps are the way to making your beginner cycling benefits life-long habits.


Have a conscience? I’m not going to preach about this cycling benefit as I for one am not a saint when it comes to sustainability. There’s a hell of a lot more I could and should be doing. But riding your bike is a starting point.

Pollution is pretty bad right now and if like me you live in a city, you know what it’s like to constantly be in.

Biking can make a difference to your city. Help reduce the smog.

Sense of adventure

Hitting the Spanish hills on a mountain bike got me passionate. With no map and no expectation, every corner; every single struggle heightened the euphoria that came with exploring.

To get a different perspective and one that’s much closer to the environment never gets old. And knowing that cycling is good for my health, my mind and my body, made it all that more amazing.

I’ve taken friends and family out in lesser environments and I always get the same reaction. They too wondered why cycling is good for you and your health. The beginner cyclist’s reaction of happiness and pure motivation will never get tiring. If you never experience that, then you are sincerely missing out.


Up next

Do you need to find a bike that works for you and your budget? I’ll help you pick the right bike.

Chapter 2: Choosing the right bike for you >>

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