The best bike shops in Manchester

bike shops in manchester
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The best bike shops in Manchester

In need of a brand new bike, a bike service or a jersey? The bike shops in Manchester provide a selection of brands, prices and stellar expertise unrivalled by many a town or city. Our guide to the best bike shops in the city ensure you go to the right places and get served by the right cycling professionals who know their SPDs from their LOOKs.

Harry Hall Cycles Manchester Bike Shop

Harry Hall Cycles is located on the South side of the city centre, just off from Oxford Road Station, and offers a good selection of brands like Trek (including Project One), Genesis and Specialized for us roadies. But it’s not just this that makes Harry Hall Cycles a worthwhile visit, it’s the offers and sales that come around from time to time providing the opportunity for a right good bargain.

The Bike Rooms

The Bike Rooms is the sort of bike shop in Manchester where no matter the time of day, you’ll stop and stare at the shiny Pinarello Dogma lit up in the window.  This store is the greatest place to go to if you’re looking for a Pinarello or a Pinarello. Did we mention they sell Pinarello? Choice may not be their strongest suit, but Italian prestige certainly is. Located on Deansgate, it’s perfectly located for a quick stop off at Brewdog for a Punk IPA.


Overlooking King Street in Manchester central, and with a hidden away staircase at the back, Rapha provides the premium experience as expected. A coffee shop is the first thing you’ll see with the premium, simplistic designs of apparel and accessories tucked away to the side. Rapha has a reputation amongst cyclists (as if you didn’t know) and in the past split opinions. That divide seems to be easing and after the Rapha’s recent buyout from the heir’s of Walmart, they’re rapidly expanding their product offering.

rapha manchester

Evans Cycles

Like Rapha, Evans Cycles is a large company operating nationally (okay so Rapha is international…). Whilst Cyced supports and champions local independent bike shops in Manchester, it’s important to recognise this establishment offers a good range of bikes and clothing and at great prices. Their own brands FWE and Kalf offer brilliant quality and brilliant prices. You can find Evans on Deansgate and in East Manchester at the HSBC UK National Cycle Centre (aka the velodrome).

Keep Pedalling – Independent Bike Shop in Manchester

The independent store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter specialises in adventure and commuting bikes. Cyced predominantly covers road cycling, but many of us road cyclists like to divulge in different two wheels occasionally. And of course, who wants to use their nice road bike for a winter commute? With brands like Surly through their doors, you’ll get a different experience than the rest of those on this list. Be sure to visit them in Stevenson Square.

Trek Bikes

Located on the edge of the Northern Quarter, the Trek Manchester bike shop is smart and kitted with Trek bikes, accessories (Bontrager), and cycle clothing. The staff are exceptionally knowledgable in the field and are helpful with questions. The only downside is the lacking brand diversity – so unless you know you’re a Trekky (not Star Trek…), then either go in for inspiration or visit a multi-brand store to widen your buying horizons.

South Bike Shops in Manchester

Cycle Surgery

Just on the edge of West Didsbury and on Princess Way with car parking, the Cycle Surgery is again a national operation offering high end brands. These brands include Giant, Specialized, Cube, Garmin, and more. Typically brands associated with cyclists that are a bit more seasoned, beginners with deep pockets may find this bike shop in Manchester their local opportunity to invest in something that will last and retain value.

Ken Foster’s Cycle Logic

A staple bike shop in Chorlton. Ken Foster offers a range of brands including Cannondale and Brompton, as well as providing for a range of disciplines. It’s location is ideal to get to for repairs and servicing and has a rich heritage. Dating back to the early 1900’s, the shop used to sell all sorts including lawnmowers – but now is purely bikes, which is good because there’s nothing more off putting in a bike shop than a sit-on John Deer.

Withington Cycles

If you’re looking for a bike shop in Manchester that’s between central and the deep South, Withington Cycles hits that halfway mark. Seemingly focused more on great brands for accessories and kit, than bikes, this store is situated perfectly at the top of Burton Road, just off from Palatine Road.

Angus founded Cyced in 2016 and can be found at his local Parkrun in Manchester every Saturday. He also has a thing for data (as weird as it sounds) and loves visualising it through maps!

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