Newport Cycling

Wales is magnificent and the county of Newport (Gwent) offers great road cycling prospects. Newport cycling is in fact so enjoyable for us we have put together ten cycling routes, and a list of useful local resources. Come rain or shine, Newport boasts cycling qualities you will not want to miss.

cycling clubs in newport

Newport Cycling Clubs

Cycling clubs help you meet cycling folks. Riding with like-minded people is a fantastic experience you should make the most of. We have put together the best Newport cycling clubs to help you get closer to the community action on-going in the county.


best bike shops in newport

Newport Bike Shops

In and around Newport are many cycling shops which will help you with what you need. Find the best place for your cycling discipline. Whether it’s that brand new bike lever you have always wanted, or a new set of two wheels, you’ll find the bike shop you need on Cyced’s list.


Newport Cycling Routes

The greatest cycling routes in Newport South Wales have been carefully constructed with your ability in mind. Choose from an easy, medium, or hard route and venture to places such as Barry Island, or Bristol. We talk you through each route and give you the Strava link and .GPX file, so you just all you have to worry about is pedalling.

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Sometimes you just need to find new brands. You want a new bike but you have no idea what is out there and what brands excel in the sort of bike you need. Thankfully, we’ve done some of the leg work for you. Our big list of cycling brands will show you a ton of top brands in a multitude of categories. Discover something new today.

45+ cycling brands

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