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Shropshire and Shrewsbury Cycling Clubs

Believe it or not, there are over 10 cycling clubs in Shropshire alone. These include Shrewsbury cycling clubs and other groups that operate in areas like Telford, Ludlow, and Newport. It's no surprise lots of cycling clubs operate in Shropshire. The scenic routes and...

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Cycling Shops in Gloucester

Similar to our Cheltenham Bike Shops post we did a few months ago, Cyced has put together a list of all the great places to go and buy a bike in Gloucester. No matter what kind of cycling shop in Gloucester you are looking for, it will be covered below. This includes...

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How to be safer when cycling

In this article, Cycling Co-ordinator, Don Muir, from the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership highlights cycling safety advice. Gloucestershire Road Safety look to make everyone's journeys in the county safer. More from Don.. As cyclists we are in a great place....

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Stroud to Newport Cycling Route

Stroud to Newport Cycling Route At a whopping 89.8 miles, this Stroud cycling route can be as challenging as it is long. Begin in the serene Cotswold Hills of Stroud and move out towards Berkley, cross the Severn, and push through to the third largest city in Wales....

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Stroud Cycle Circuit Cycling Route

Stroud Cycle Circuit Cycling Route Although this Stroud cycling route is shorter than you may want for an average ride, it boasts a mountainous challenge. Beginning in Stroud, ride down to Rodborough and Minchinhampton commons to start tackling those pesky inclines....

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Stroud Airfield Loop Cycling Route

Stroud Airfield Loop Cycling Route This loop is a short Stroud cycling route but a worthwhile ride. With a mix of somewhat challenging inclines and rewarding declines, this route offers a range of features in a comparatively short distance. At a compact 20.6...

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Lechlade into the Cotswolds Cycling Route

Lechlade into the Cotswolds Cycling Route This ride may present a few problems, firstly it starts at the very edge of the Cotswolds, and secondly it’s surrounded by a fair few A-roads. But believe us when we say it’s worth it. The creation of Cyced Routes has been...

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Gloucestershire Campus Tour Cycling Route

Gloucestershire Campus Tour Cycling Route At 17.7 miles in total, this short Gloucestershire cycling route leads around three of the University of Gloucestershire’s campuses. Beginning in the Oxstalls campus, take the quieter B4063 to avoid the A40, and cycle...

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Gloucester Steady Cycling Route

Gloucester Steady Cycling Route A short but rewarding ride for an intermediate rider looking for a good warm down spin out in the Gloucestershire scenery.  At 24.2 miles, this route should not present any great challenge, but a good excuse to get out on the bike....

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Gloucestershire Cycling Hub

Cyced covers Gloucestershire and Cheltenham cycling routes as well as more information about the cycling clubs in the area and other must know details. The county is host to part of the Cotswolds and has a good selection of gruelling hills to climb. Its scenery and atmosphere is a cycling haven for all that know about it.

Newport Cycling Hub

Discover why Newport is a brilliant place for road cycling. The Newport cycling hub provides information for the best bike shops and cycling clubs in the county, as well as the greatest cycling routes.


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Local Cycling Routes

Cyced’s local cycling routes have been crafted by cyclists who know the area. Understanding each road and route enables us to deliver premium and enjoyable rides for you to experience. At the core of our creation, we look to take you past breathtaking views as well as making sure you get a fun and worthwhile experience. All of our local cycling routes are split into 3 difficulties, with easy being suitable for those that are already confident cycling on roads.

All our routes are available to use on Strava and to download via .GPX.

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