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Names on your Frame – A Guide to Bike Stickers and Decals

Names on your Frame – A Guide to Bike Stickers and Decals

It seems there’s always more ways to spend money on cycling, whether you’re upgrading bike parts or splashing out on some new gear. But let’s be honest, we can be a frivolous bunch, and a lot of us are happy to throw money at our hobby just to be that one bit better...

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The Best Cycling Hashtags for Instagram

The Best Cycling Hashtags for Instagram

There's a good chance you're on Instagram, and there's also a good chance you're a cyclist. The hashtag (#) acts as a way to not only tag your Instagram images, but also helps you get found. If you're like me, you'll want your pictures seen by a wider audience. I mean...

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The best bike shops in Manchester

The best bike shops in Manchester

In need of a brand new bike, a bike service or a jersey? The bike shops in Manchester provide a selection of brands, prices and stellar expertise unrivalled by many a town or city. Our guide to the best bike shops in the city ensure you go to the right places and get...

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Cycling. It’s everything we love.

Cyced was born out of passion for the two wheels. Founded in 2016, we first started out sharing our favourite Gloucestershire cycling routes, and have grown to provide routes, local information and cool resources, across the UK.

We continue to operate and share our passion without bias and funding. Our aim is to deliver more routes, resources and products that you’ll find interesting and love.