Stroud to Newport Cycling Route

hard difficulty cycling route

Stroud to Newport Cycling Route

At a whopping 89.8 miles, this Stroud cycling route can be as challenging as it is long. Begin in the serene Cotswold Hills of Stroud and move out towards Berkley, cross the Severn, and push through to the third largest city in Wales. The whole journey will come to around 6 hours and 10 minutes without a break, although we definitely recommend you take a couple.

Although this is a beautiful and rewarding ride, it can also be arduous. Compared to the length of the ride, the elevation gain of 4296ft doesn’t seem like a lot, but for such a long route it will test your resolve. There are plenty of shops in Berkley to grab drinks and snacks before crossing the Severn Bridge.

As a side note, I think all cyclists should ride across the Severn Bridge at some point. There’s nothing quite like it, the parallel between the motorway on one side and the immense natural beauty of the Severn on the other presents an interesting contrast.

After crossing the Severn, pass through the tranquil Welsh countryside, following a quiet A-road all the way to Newport City Centre. The midpoint of the route is placed just outside of the city centre, with plenty of choices for food.

After filling up, head back the way you came and take in what you missed the first time around, as there is an abundance to be experienced. It’s your choice whether or not you head back through Berkley or follow the A38 towards Stroud, although personally I’d be happy for a final break before the final push.

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Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz Cycling Route

easy cyced cycling route

Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz Cycling Route


The Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz is merely a warmup to veteran cyclists but a great introduction to novice riders who are looking to push themselves a little bit. There is a nice amount of hills and the ride itself comes in at 31.1km/19.3miles and should take between an 1-2 hours depending on your ability.

This is my go to Cheltenham cycle route when I don’t have too much time on my hands and need to let off some steam. The beauty of cycling around Winchcombe is the quiet roads. Whilst you start at the Cheltenham Racecourse and head up Cleeve Hill (B roads that can be congested if you hit rush hour times, including the 15:00 school rush), you’ll soon veer off to Gretton from Winchcombe, where you will be greeted by gorgeous landscape and low traffic.

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Cheltenham and Winchcombe Arch Cycling Route

Medium difficulty cycling route

Cheltenham Winchcombe Arch Cycling Route


This 35 mile Cheltenham cycling route has some nice climb to it. At 2000 feet, you can expect two cardio intensive gradual climbs, one of which is the classic Cleeve Hill reverse, coming from the picturesque Cotswold town of Winchcombe.
The other gradual climb that you will hit first is through Lidcombe Wood. As entertaining as it deceiving, this climb through tall trees keeps on going. When you think you are at the top, you are mistaken.

It has a great decent towards Guiting Power which soon swings you right round into the beautiful town of Winchcombe. I recommend a stop at the co-op for a flapjack. It’s what I always do in order to get the energy for a final push up Cleeve Hill and back down into Cheltenham.

The Route

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