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Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz Cycling Route


The Cheltenham Hillclimb Blitz is merely a warmup to veteran cyclists but a great introduction to novice riders who are looking to push themselves a little bit. There is a nice amount of hills and the ride itself comes in at 31.1km/19.3miles and should take between an 1-2 hours depending on your ability.

This is my go to Cheltenham cycle route when I don’t have too much time on my hands and need to let off some steam. The beauty of cycling around Winchcombe is the quiet roads. Whilst you start at the Cheltenham Racecourse and head up Cleeve Hill (B roads that can be congested if you hit rush hour times, including the 15:00 school rush), you’ll soon veer off to Gretton from Winchcombe, where you will be greeted by gorgeous landscape and low traffic.

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