Shropshire Cycling

Shropshire is a hidden secret in the world of cycling. There is a lot on offer. From spectacular scenery from Ellesmere through to Ludlow, each cycle is mesmerising. Pop into a bike filled cycling shop in Shrewsbury, or join a cycling club in Ironbridge; the option is yours. Find out more of Shropshire Cycling with Cyced’s hub.

Shropshire and shrewsbury cycling routes

Shropshire and Shrewsbury Cycling Routes

We’ve put together routes in Shropshire and Shrewsbury so you can get on your bike and see the county’s beauty without stressing. Plug into Strava, view the route instantly or download the .GPX and get cycling in Shropshire!


Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling clubs

Shropshire and Shrewsbury Cycling Clubs

Joining a cycling club in Shropshire opens up many opportunities. It’s a great way to get to know the area a little more and find like-minded cyclists who love the Shropshire countryside as much as you do. With a good selection of clubs, you’ll definitely fit right in.


best bike shops in shropshire

Shropshire Bike Shops

We have put together a list of the best shops in and around Shropshire. No matter where you are living in the county, there will be a good place to buy a new bike and accessories, or get that very much needed service.


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