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Shropshire is a hidden secret in the world of cycling.There is a lot on offer. From spectacular scenery in Ellesmere through to Ludlow, each cycle is mesmerising and will see you getting lost in quiet countryside surrounded by sheep, cows, and the occasional tractor.

3 Beautiful Shropshire and Shrewsbury Cycling Routes

I grew up in Shropshire. It’s where I first road a bike and where I first fell in love with the countryside. So it means I should be able to provide some pretty awesome Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling routes for you guys, right? You betcha! Below are 5 of my...

The Best Shropshire Bike Shops

Shropshire has heart when it comes to cycling. Not only is the countryside a thing of beauty, but the Shrewsbury bike shops and Telford bike shops are the epicentres of knowledge and amazing gear. Be it your next new bike or a set of pedals, these bike shops will tend...

Shropshire and Shrewsbury Cycling Clubs

Believe it or not, there are over 10 cycling clubs in Shropshire alone. These include Shrewsbury cycling clubs and other groups that operate in areas like Telford, Ludlow, and Newport. It’s no surprise lots of cycling clubs operate in Shropshire. The scenic...

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