I grew up in Shropshire.

It’s where I first road a bike and where I first fell in love with the countryside.

So it means I should be able to provide some pretty awesome Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling routes for you guys, right?

You betcha!

Below are 5 of my all time favourites each taking Shrewsbury as a starting point.

I really hope you like them because they’re close to my heart and mean a lot to me! Is that sad?

cycling route difficulty

Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling routes 

Shrewsbury to Ironbridge (medium)

Ironbridge is a cool place. Just south of Telford, it is home to the industrial revolution and where the first major bridge created from iron lives.

I always remember there being a shop for left handed people (I’m a leftie) but I can’t promise that is still there. A top tourist attraction though.

Shrewsbury to Ironbridge

Oh, you want to know about the ride…

Well, it’s 32 miles with quite a bit of elevation. Nearly 1800ft in fact. But it’s worth it to see that bridge. Especially if the sun is shining down on it!

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Shrewsbury to Llangollen (hard)

Ready to get the legs working? This Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling route is a toughie.

Shrewsbury to Llangollen cycling route

When I first did it I remember feeling pretty good until the last 20 miles. Then I felt like death.

Llangollen is an incredible place, and as you cycle into the town, it is all downhill under the canopy of trees, with valleys to your side. There are also some pretty good food stops in the town too and an amazing view.

Have a look at this:

Shrewsbury to Llangollen cycle route

It’s worth the 70 mile effort on your bike, but if you’re an amateur like me, stock up on your gels. This Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling route is going to be a long’n.

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Shrewsbury to Ludlow (hard)

Ludlow is up there on your Shropshire places to visit bucket list. I’m telling you!

It’s very quaint and sums up Shropshire perfectly. If you go in September you can stop by the country’s favourite food festival.

Now, about this Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling route. It’s another long one at 62 miles and has over 3000ft of climbing… gulp!

Shrewsbury to Ludlow cycling route

The roads are mainly A type, but they’re nice, and rolling for the majority.

It is also worth having a look on the map before you venture out as there are all sorts of little stops and places to pop into, like Carding Mill Valley near Church Stretton; a fab National Trust area.

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I hope this run down of my favourite Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling routes has proven useful.

I can’t speak highly enough of the county for cycling. We’re lucky to have a lot of small towns, narrow lanes and incredible scenery to explore.

If you have any cycling routes you think are worthing adding to this article, send them directly to me at angus@cyced.co.uk.

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