Believe it or not, there are over 10 cycling clubs in Shropshire alone. These include Shrewsbury cycling clubs and other groups that operate in areas like Telford, Ludlow, and Newport. It’s no surprise lots of cycling clubs operate in Shropshire. The scenic routes and the great pub/coffee stops are reason enough.

Cycling clubs are a good way to meet new people and experience new routes. The Shropshire and Shrewsbury cycling clubs we have listed below are our recommendations. We suggest talking with the club yourself if you are interested in joining, and discovering the best ride to start with.

Shrewsbury Cycling Clubs

Our list comprises of three Shrewsbury cycling clubs. This will be a perfect starting point for you and we ensure it will suit your ability. Most clubs have a range of riders who sit in different levels of ability. This means that whether you are a complete cycling novice, or an advanced rider, there will be other riders like you.

mid shropshire wheelers

Mid Shropshire Wheelers

MSW have been going since 1925 and are based at the sports village in Shrewsbury. This cycling club has been host to Olympic and national champions in various disciplines including time trials. Moving with the times, the Mid Shropshire Wheelers are incredibly supportive of youth cyclists. They are a British Cycling Go-Ride Club, with Clubmark certification of excellence.

Their annual membership starts at £20 for senior riders and includes many benefits. You get priority of their regular events, such as trips to the velodrome and training sessions on a closed road circuit. But let’s not forget the basics. Gain access to their popular club rides each week. Be it for training purposes or just meeting other cyclists for social reasons, there’s a calendar event for you.


Paramount CRT Club

This Shrewsbury cycling club is focused on road racing. Be it for time trials or sportives, it facilitates cycling opportunities for casual and professional riders. The community of the club often do ad-hoc rides as well as planned ones. This means that if you tend to cycle a lot, there are lots of opportunities.

Paramount CRT members look to enjoy each second on the bike and create the atmosphere to do so. If you are a Strava user, they clock all their miles as a certified group. The 2017 racing events are already scheduled in and it is no better time than now to start training and joining in the fun. You can see some of what they get up to in the cycling video below.


Revolutions Riding

Revolutions is a racing team that has spawned from a company centred around coaching. Their coaching utilises new technology such as TrainingPeaks where you get a premium account too. But let us focus on their racing team. The aim of the club is to allow riders to discover the joy of racing. And to enjoy the thrill of becoming the best they can be.

We don’t recommend this Shrewsbury cycling club for brand new cyclists, due to the strong competitive nature. However, if you are committed to cycle sport and want a Shrewsbury cycling club, this is your club. Commitment is priority and your commitment will be rewarded with their commitment.


Telford Cycling Clubs

Having outlined the Shrewsbury cycling clubs, it is time to take a look at what Telford has to offer. There are two brilliant clubs that stand out from the crowd. These don’t operate in the centre of Telford, but are really close by in great areas.


Wrekin Sport Cycling Club

Wrekin Sport CC is an establish club with ties to support young cycling through Go-Ride. Having qualified coaches in their squad means they have good experience. In this Telford cycling club, you can expect to learn a lot and have quality rides. The Wrekin is Shropshire spectacle and cycling near and around it is memorable. The mix of male, female and young riders makes it a vibrant mix for novice and experienced cyclists.


Ironbridge Clarion CC

We’ve already mentioned how beautiful Ironbridge is, in our Shropshire bike shops article. We aren’t joking, it’s sensational! The Ironbridge Clarion are super lucky. They are a Telford cycling club for all, by offering leisure and training rides. The community is brilliant, and host a social each month. Cycling isn’t just about being on a bike, and ICCC understand this.

ironbridge clarion CC logo

Check the riding rules before you head out with them. Whilst it is standard riding etiquette, it is good to be aware of. For instance they provide some voice signals that you should listen out to. If you are new to cycling, some of these may not be obvious, but firmly adhered to.


Other Shropshire Cycling Clubs

There are two other Shropshire cycling clubs we would like to cover. They are a little more difficult to reach if you are near Telford or Shrewsbury, but totally worth joining.


Newport Shropshire Cycling Club

newport cycling club

Newport Shropshire suit many different types of riders. Indoor sessions are also common place which makes the winter cycling season seem a little more pleasant. Coaching sessions are available to young riders who want to hone in their bike handling and general skills. This helps a new generation of cyclists prepare for the senior levels of riding. Join Newport CC on the road or on the mountain bike, and experience the thrill of cycling.


Ludlow Cycling Club

If you have ever been to Ludlow, you probably know it is one of the nicest places. It is a quiet south Shropshire town with quick access to hills and beauty. Ludlow CC are lucky because of this and a club appropriate for people that live in that part of Shropshire. Three rides happen weekly, and have different purposes. A mid week ride is available too which is good for this that don’t have to work! The Sunday morning rides are typically 50 miles at 16mph average. This means you need to be relatively fit and have experienced long rides at a sustained pace. AKA it may not be suitable if you are a beginner.