Cardiff Cycling Clubs

Cardiff cycling clubs
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Cardiff Cycling Clubs

Are you looking for cycling clubs in Cardiff? Finding one can be a difficult and daunting task, especially for people slightly newer to cycling than the rest of us.

There are so many factors to consider whilst choosing a club, from distance, to size, to ability. So we here at Cyced have created a list of cycling clubs in Cardiff to finding the clubs a little easier. But picking a club is still up to you.

Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club

Cycling Clubs in Cardiff - Ajax

This club has been long established in Cardiff, and are based at Maindy Stadium. They have supported riders through World Cup Series, Commonwealth Games, and the Olympics. Etching themselves in the history books of British Cycling.

But these accolades do not effect the open door policy of the club; It is open to cyclists of all levels and ages. And it even offers a ‘Beginner Rides’ for less experienced cyclists to try out the club, and become more confident on the road.

They don’t even require you to wear Lycra or ride a road bike, just to be safe and for your bike to be ‘rideable’.

The club does not accept registration forms, and require you to pay for memberships on their British Cycling subscription page. Below is the list of prices concerning the club’s membership:

Full Member (18+): £25.00 + £1.00 admin fee

Family Membership: £35.00 + £1.00 admin fee

Under 18 Members: £15.00 + £1.00 admin fee

Second Claim: £10.00 + £1.00 admin fee

Associate Member: £10.00 + £1.00 admin fee

You can find all the other information you need on the Cardiff Ajax CC website.

Cardiff Cyclist’s Touring Club

Cardiff CTC is the local members’ group of Cycling UK in Cardiff. Cycling UK campaigns for cyclist’s rights, and promotes all forms of cycling across over 100 UK towns and cities.

The Cardiff group mainly rides on the road and cycling paths, on Wednesday evenings and weekends. But it also offers social events as well.

All rides with the club are free. However, if you intend on sticking with the club after three rides then you will be expected to purchase Cycling UK membership.

If you want to learn a little more about the club, then visit their website. Alternatively you can pop into Pedal Power Cafe on Saturday mornings, around 09:30am, for a chat with the members.

Cardiff JIF Cycling Club

This is a race focused club: for those who ride Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Cyclo-Cross Bikes.

JIF wholeheartedly believe in supporting grass-roots cycling, developing athletes, and assisting with club events. Which means it’s a club with a very close community, and a lot of reward. They also run a successful 6-16 kids club, and have sponsorship from Cardiff based cycling shop; Cyclopaedia.

Everything you need to know about the club can be found on their website. For more information, and to find out if you can join, it’s best to swing by their Twitter: @CardiffJif.

Cardiff Social Cycling Club

Partnered with HSBC UK and British Cycling, this relatively young club hosts local social rides for people of all ages and abilities in Cardiff. Rides vary between 3 and 50 miles, and are free to all those who’d like to participate. There will also be opportunities to join the HSBC guided rides.

All you have to do is sign up on their Lets Ride page, which also seems like a great place to ask some questions.

They have a number of British Cycling ride leaders for those of you who’re new to cycling, or a little nervous on the bike. Furthermore, there is a great focus on friendly chat, cake, and coffee and not on who’s wearing lycra.

If you want to contact the club directly, you can find their Facebook page here.

Cardiff 100 Miles Road Cycling Club

Based in Pontyclun, this club offers a group of enthusiastic cyclists and a calendar filled to the brim with events. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a website for the club, but we’ve listed a few other ways you can get in touch below.

  • Email (Club Secretary):
  • Phone: 2392642226
  • Address: Cardiff 100 Miles Road Cycling Club, Pontyclun, Rhondda Cynon Taff, CF72 9AW, United Kingdom

Cardiff University Road Cycling Team

Membership for this team is only available to students attending Cardiff University. They hold weekly sessions at the Maindy Outdoor Velodrome, and race training on Friday between 18:00 and 19:00. A Sunday, with various options available for different speeds, abilities, and distances, is also held.

Trips away are also part of the club experience, with previous excursions including:

  • Snowdonia
  • Brecon
  • Devon
  • Isle of Wight

The club also offers Time-Trial training in Caerphilly and Newport.

There seems to be a 360 degree experience offered by the club, and memberships will only cost you £20.

Finally, you can find the necessary information on the Team’s Student’s Union page. To contact the team, see their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Maindy Flyers Cycling Club

The Maindy Flyers are a youth club based at the Maindy Centre in Cardiff. With around 80 members between 5-18 years old, the club is involved in a number of cycling activities:

  • Track Racing
  • Closed Circuit Racing
  • Cyclo-cross
  • Road
  • Mountain Biking

They also offer fun family days out, striking a good balance between work and play. However, a British Cycling membership is required for you to join the club.

  • Youth Member (5-18): £35.00 + £1.00 admin fee
  • Family with 2 Children (5-18): £60.00 + £1.00 admin fee
  • Family with Three Children (5-18): £75.00 + £1.00 admin fee

We located the Maindy Flyers British Cycling page, and their website for all those interested.

Spokes Cycle Touring Club

Spokes has become an integrated member of Cycling UK, and offers an enjoyable group riding experience. All rides led by the club are graded as Easy, Moderate, or Strenuous

They aren’t particular about your choice of bike, but the rides themselves are created with roadies in mind. They have also partnered with Cardiff Cyclist’s Touring Club (another Cycling UK integrated club), to offer a wider choice of rides.

We could not find the pricing list for the club, or any mention of membership fees, so we assume the rides are free. Although you are expected to purchase Cycling UK membership to participate in the club activities.

Their website has all the information you’ll need on the club, they also have a contact page for enquiries.

Whitchurch Cycling Club

Whitchurch CC are a group based in Hailey Park, and run through Witchurch Rugby Sports and Social Club. Social family-orientated rides are large part of their schedule, but they also host occasional adult-only road/off road rides.

They specialise in children’s cycle coaching and racing, focusing on Cyclocross and Mountain biking technique. They are so passionate about about promoting the sport in youth that, as long as they can ride unaided (without stabilisers), children as young as 3 can join!

You can join the club through their British Cycling page, which also includes free membership to the Whitchurch Rugby Sports and Social Club.

  • Family Membership: £20 (+£1)
  • Individual Membership: £10 (+£1)

For a little more information you can check out Whitchurch CC’s Facebook page and Twitter.

These are all the cycling clubs in Cardiff we could find. If you come across any others, please do get in touch to we can update the list. Or, if these don’t take your fancy, we also have an article on cycling clubs in Newport.

The best advice we can offer, is to ignore that voice in your head that’s unsure about joining a club. The experience of riding as a group will always be worth more than the membership fees. And seeing as most of these clubs offer trial periods, what have you got to lose?


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